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Nov 26, 2017

This episode the crew sat down with newly released “zom-com” Dead Shack, a movie about that all too familiar situation where you go out to drink and relax in the woods with your family only to discover your neighbor is up to some weird, zombie based shenanigans that threaten your good time. The crew also talks about Thor Ragnarok and how a twelve year old is more mature than all of them, Rigby details her disappointment with the new Netflix Punisher series and then the crew veer down a nostalgic path to talk about Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. The crew also sample some questionable snack foods and soda, talk sausage roll baby Jesus, puppet based horror movie Frank & Zed, Rigby’s video game streaming, self-decapitation by chainsaw and absurd statements from Canadian politicians about the dangers of marijuana. The episode is rounded out with some Whole Hog featuring Ed Harris and Tommy Wissou.