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Mar 10, 2018

This week, Scotty, Robin and Rigby ventured forth to the screens at the local film festival this week to take in their horror offerings. The crew talk Les affames aka The Ravenous, Wolfcop and it's aptly named sequel Another Wolfcop. In other words, a whole lot of Canadian content as all three of these horror flicks were filmed here in the North. Scotty and Robin also talk about the recently released documentary Love and Saucers, the story of one man's very unique life-spanning encounters with extraterrestrial beings. They also discuss the proposed Blair Witch Television series, some wholesome metal news to balance out some of the garbage we've seen lately, a bunch of Creeps of the Week™ are revealed, fish herpes and more strangeness. The episode is rounded off with a spirited debate over what Peter Cushing (of Hammer Horror Fame) and Noctis (of Final Fantasy Fame) are packing in their pants.